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Складские услуги

Cargo storage

The company provides a range of warehousing services, including:

Warehouse complexes, provide round-the-clock protection of cargo

Modern systems to prevent fire hazardous situations

Organize loading and unloading operations

Formalize all necessary documents for storage warehousing

Provide storage services all over the world, including China

We offer professional storage services, providing secure preservation and efficient management of your inventory. Our company specializes in providing state-of-the-art warehousing solutions that optimize your supply chain and increase the efficiency of your business.

Складские услуги

Organize loading and unloading operations

Organize all necessary documents

Железнодорожные перевозки

Provide warehousing services all over the world

Складские услуги

Two-stage weighing process

Open and covered warehouses

Складские услуги

Responsible storage of goods

Storage Services:

Storage facilities play an important role in efficient and secure logistics. One of the main advantages of such complexes is their ability to provide round-the-clock cargo security. This provides customers with confidence in the safety and integrity of their goods.

Fire prevention systems: Protecting cargo and ensuring security. Modern warehouse complexes are also equipped with state-of-the-art fire hazard prevention systems. This includes automatic fire sensors, fire suppression systems and specially trained personnel ready to respond to any possible fire incidents. Thanks to these safety measures, the cargo in the warehouse is protected from possible fires, reducing the risks for customers and their businesses.

Storage services worldwide including China: Global logistics for business. Our company provides warehousing services worldwide to meet the global logistics needs of our customers. We have our own warehousing facilities and partnerships with trusted partners in various countries, including China. This enables us to provide storage and cargo management in key regions, easing customers' logistical challenges and optimizing their deliveries.

Organization of necessary documents: A carefree experience for customers. We ensure that all the necessary paperwork for warehousing is completed correctly and in a timely manner. Our professional staff has extensive experience in this field and is meticulous in ensuring that all requirements and regulations related to warehousing are met. This allows our customers to focus on their business, knowing that all aspects of warehousing are fully organized and managed by us.

Consequently, our storage facilities provide 24/7 cargo security, prevent fire situations, provide warehousing services all over the world, including China, and take care of all necessary paperwork. We strive to be a reliable partner for our customers, providing them with safety, efficiency and confidence in the storage and management of their cargo.

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