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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a key step in international trade and we are ready to take on this task!

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Customs services

The company provides a range of logistics services, including:

Consultations on the conditions of customs operations

Calculation of customs duties

Classification of goods in accordance with TN VED of the Customs Union

Filling in and registration of customs cargo declaration (CCD)

Customs clearance of import-export products

By entrusting customs cargo clearance to our company, you will save money, time and effort; you will be able to avoid unforeseen situations and problems at the border, which leads to disruption of delivery dates and losses. Exim Trans company performs customs clearance of cargo to pass border control. This stage requires a high level of professional skills and is an important part of the process of export and import of goods.. Данный этап требует от исполнителей высокого уровня профессиональных навыков и является важной частью процесса экспорта и импорта товаров.

Таможенное оформление

Document package verification

Таможенное оформление

Individual consulting

Expert declaration drafting

Calculation of customs duties and taxes

Cargo insurance at all stages

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Full range of brokerage services

We are ready to advise you on any regulations under the Customs Code of Kazakhstan, including non-tariff regulation measures, applicable rates of customs duties, indicative prices, etc. Our employees are competent to resolve any issues related to foreign economic activity. It is within the competence of our employees to resolve any issues regulating the sphere of foreign economic activity. Customs operations are carried out without restrictions on the type of goods, type of transportation (container, oversized, etc.) and by type of operation (import, export, transit, etc.). Cooperation with Exim Trans on a regular basis will significantly reduce the amount of costs and receive the cargo strictly within the specified time.

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