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Контакты компании Exim Trans – Логистическая компания, грузоперевозки, международные перевозки грузов, автоперевозки, авиаперевозки, Груз из Китая.


Gogolya St. 73, Otrar Hotel building, 1st floor, 1 office.

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Contacting customers

We strive to be of great use to you and believe that our reputation and the quality of our service are the key to building long-term partnerships. Our company allows you to transport cargo on any route by several modes of transportation, and thanks to the optimal connection of sea and rail schedules, the time of cargo in transit is minimized.

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Answers to FAQs

How can I conclude a freight forwarding contract?

You can conclude a contract for freight forwarding services in Exim at our office. You can get a forwarding service contract form by submitting a request on the website.

What kinds of shipments are not accepted for transportation?

No transportation company undertakes transportation of prohibited goods. Thus, we do not transport weapons, alcohol, narcotic substances and poisons, explosive, flammable and combustible substances, radioactive compounds.

How to correctly calculate container weight for cargo transportation and customs clearance?

The following parameters are taken into account for transportation and customs clearance:

• Net Weight: weight of the shipment unpacked/in its initial packaging

• Gross weight: cargo weight + packaging weight

The weight of the packaging and cargo must be determined separately in order to calculate customs duties.

We will ask you for the weight of the shipment along with the packaging in order to carry out the transportation of the goods.

What documents are required to receive a shipment?

In order to receive a shipment, legal entities must provide:

• Receiving company's seal or a power of attorney from this company for an authorized person, indicating the details of the organization (TIN is mandatory) and passport data of the authorized person. If this person regularly receives shipments through "Logistika Zapad", it will be more convenient to make an annual general power of attorney for authorized persons.

• Passport or identity card of the beneficiary's authorized representative

• In order to receive a shipment, individuals must provide:

• Passport or identity card of the beneficiary's authorized representative

• If the receipt is entrusted to a representative of a natural person, the latter must have a notarized power of attorney from the consignee with entered passport data and a document certifying the identity of the representative.

How to choose the right container type for sea transportation?

There are many types of containers for sea shipping, no wonder it is often difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another type of container. Let's take a look at the main options.

Container Types:

• Standard: enclosed on all sides by rigid walls, waterproof and dust-tight;

• Open top container: has a non-rigid roof, which can be flexible, sliding or in the form of a removable cover;

• Flatrack container: this type of container has no rigid side walls or frames;

• Refrigerated container: this type of container is equipped with machine cooling, able to maintain the temperature inside the container from - 25 to 25 degrees;

• Airtight container: used for goods that need to maintain a constant temperature throughout transportation;

• Ventilated container: used to maintain the necessary conditions of transportation, allowing air access and removal of condensation and dangerous vapors;

• Tank container: used for transportation of liquid products as well as liquefied gases.

Which types of shipments are recommended for mandatory packaging?

Goods that may be mechanically damaged during transportation or handling (chippings, scratches, etc.) or that by their nature and shape require certain packaging or shaping into load spaces, must be packed in suitable containers according to the size and properties of the load.

For example, bulk goods should be packed in tight bags that do not allow the contents to spill out. Glass should be packed in wooden crates or crates pre-lined with shock-absorbing cushioning materials.

Does a load need to be labeled for dispatching and why?

In order to build the correct process of cargo delivery and avoid errors, it is MUST to have labeling on each cargo item. Labels are special inscriptions, conventional signs and codes applied to products, containers, packaging or accompanying labels. There are commodity, consignment, transportation and special cargo labeling.

• Commodity: Specifies the name of the goods, factory brand, grade, name of the manufacturing facility, serial number in the batch and order number.

• Consignor: fraction (numerator - number of pieces and consignor's mark, denominator - number of pieces in the consignment). Name of consignor and consignee, point of departure and destination (including transshipment point).

• Transportation: fraction (numerator is the serial number for which the shipment is recorded in the record book of the port warehouse, denominator is the number of pieces in the shipment).

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