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International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation

Exim - experts in the field of international cargo transportation. We offer reliable and efficient cargo delivery worldwide, specializing in such regions as China, Europe, Dubai, and CIS countries. With Exim your cargo will always be delivered intact and on time!

International cargo transportation

Exim - experts in the field of international cargo transportation. We offer reliable and efficient cargo delivery worldwide, specializing in such regions as China, Europe, Dubai, and CIS countries. With Exim your cargo will always be delivered intact and on time!

Transportation geography


Our reliable partners in China will ensure fast and safe delivery of goods from major manufacturers and suppliers.


We simplify the process of delivery of goods from European manufacturers by offering flexible logistics solutions and optimal prices.

CIS countries

We guarantee timely delivery of goods between CIS countries, taking into account customs peculiarities and needs of your business.


We provide fast and reliable delivery of goods from the commercial center of Dubai, thanks to our experience in the local markets.


We connect your business with Turkey, offering optimal routes and terms of delivery from local manufacturers and suppliers.


We provide fast and reliable delivery of goods from manufacturers in South Korea and Japan, focusing on quality and efficiency.

Southeast Asia

We work with various countries in the region, providing competitive rates and reliable logistics solutions.

Arab World

We guarantee timely and efficient delivery of goods between countries in the Arab world, taking into account local specifics and customer needs.


We offer affordable and reliable freight transportation from major manufacturers and markets in North America to expand your business.

South America

We expand your trade network in South America, bringing experience and knowledge to ensure efficient logistics and delivery of goods.

Китай: Наши надежные партнеры в Китае обеспечат быструю и безопасную доставку товаров от крупнейших производителей и поставщиков.

Европа: Упрощаем процесс доставки товаров от европейских производителей, предлагая гибкие логистические решения и оптимальные тарифы.

Страны СНГ: Гарантируем своевременную доставку товаров между странами СНГ, учитывая таможенные особенности и потребности вашего бизнеса.

Дубай: Обеспечиваем быструю и надежную доставку грузов из торгового центра Дубая, благодаря опыту работы на местных рынках.

Турция: Связываем ваш бизнес с Турцией, предлагая оптимальные маршруты и условия доставки грузов от местных производителей и поставщиков.

Корея/Япония: Обеспечиваем быструю и надежную доставку товаров от производителей Южной Кореи и Японии, ориентируясь на качество и эффективность.

Юго-Восточная Азия: Работаем с различными странами региона, предоставляя конкурентоспособные тарифы и надежные логистические решения.

Арабский мир: Гарантируем своевременную и эффективную доставку грузов между странами арабского мира, учитывая местные особенности и потребности клиентов.

США: Предлагаем доступные и надежные грузоперевозки от крупнейших производителей и рынков Северной Америки для расширения вашего бизнеса.

Южная Америка: Расширяем вашу торговую сеть в Южной Америке, предоставляя опыт и знания для обеспечения эффективной логистики и доставки товаров.

Cargo types

Our company specializes in the transportation of various types of cargo, providing reliable and efficient logistics solutions. Regardless of the size or nature of the shipment, we offer a full range of services that include transportation of raw materials, goods, equipment and other cargo. We are proud of our highly qualified specialists and modern transport fleet, which allows us to ensure safe and accurate delivery, as well as optimize costs and reduce travel time.

  1. Manufacturing and processing equipment
  2. Spare parts and components
  3. Robotics and automation
  1. Computers and components
  2. Mobile devices and accessories
  3. TVs and audio and video equipment
  4. Household appliances
  1. Ready-made garments and accessories
  2. Fabrics and raw materials for the textile industry
  3. Footwear and handbags
  1. Bricks, cement and concrete
  2. Steel, aluminum and other metals
  3. Woodworking and lumber
  4. Windows, doors, and other finishes
  5. Tools and equipment for construction and repair
  1. Passenger cars and trucks
  2. Spare parts and accessories
  3. Tires and rims
  1. Meat, fish and seafood
  2. Vegetables, fruits and cereals
  3. Beverages, including alcoholic beverages
  4. Prepared foods and semi-finished products
  5. Dry and frozen goods
  1. Plastics, rubber and composites
  2. Paints, varnishes and coatings
  3. Fertilizers, pesticides and agrochemicals
  4. Household chemicals and cosmetics
  1. Medicines and vaccines
  2. Medical equipment and consumables
  3. Biotechnological and laboratory products


Optimal solutions

We help you reduce the time and costs of freight transportation through optimal routes and efficient management of logistics processes.

Safe delivery

We guarantee the safety of your shipment and strict adherence to delivery deadlines, allowing you to remain competitive in the market.

Transparency and control

We keep you informed about the status and location of your cargo at all times, ensuring complete transparency of processes and the ability to control transportation at every stage.

Customized approach

We design flexible and personalized logistics solutions, taking into account the peculiarities and needs of each client.

Value-added services

We provide a wide range of value-added services including cargo insurance, customs clearance, warehousing and packaging services, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Systems integration

We ensure that our logistics solutions can be integrated with your business' internal systems to automate processes and simplify management.

Distribution expansion

We can help you attract new customers and increase sales by providing effective solutions to expand the geographic distribution of your products.

Reliable partners

We carefully select our logistics partners to ensure high quality service, economic benefits and reliability for your business.

О компании Exim trans

About Us

Currently, Exim Trans LLP is involved in transportation and forwarding services. The company has been developing dynamically and consistently in the transportation and logistics services market since 2006. Extensive experience accumulated over the years, as well as a wide agency network allows the company to efficiently conduct transportation all over the world. A customized approach to each client, flexible pricing policy, and quality service are the main principles of work for Exim Trans LLP!

Leader of the Year

Exim Trans' excellent performance was marked by prestigious awards such as the Industry Leader medal and a certificate confirming the rating results. These honors are awarded to successful enterprises that earnestly pay taxes, develop the national economy, adhere to the principles of social responsibility before the public and form a positive image of their country. The rating leaders are companies that not only conduct business efficiently, but also take care of their employees, maintain an open dialog with partners and clients, introduce innovations, and keep up with the times.

"The satisfaction and appreciation of the client is our greatest reward," says the CEO of Exim LLP, "we put all our efforts for this purpose."



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