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Transportation and logistics company
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Investments in
transportation logistics

Margin profit with a high level of income.

Cooperation advantages


Passive Income

With the increase in international trade and e-commerce, the demand for trucking continues to grow, creating a great opportunity for investors.


Risk resilience

Cargo transportation is an essential part of global trade, so the industry is highly resistant to financial risks.


Field experts

Our team of dedicated professionals with extensive cargo experience ensures that your investment is effectively managed and your profits are maximized.


Inflation protection

Cargo transportation is a physical asset and its value can rise over time, which helps protect your investment from inflation.


Growth opportunity

Investing in cargo transportation provides an opportunity to connect with key industry players and expand your professional network of contacts.


Regular payouts

Investment projects in cargo transportation offer regular payouts, which provides a stable and predictable income.

Exim's excellent performance was marked by prestigious awards such as the Industry Leader medal and a certificate confirming the rating results. These honors are awarded to successful enterprises that earnestly pay taxes, develop the national economy, adhere to the principles of social responsibility before the public and form a positive image of their country. The rating leaders are companies that not only conduct business efficiently, but also take care of their employees.

Many years of experience

We not only guarantee the safety of the process and the excellent quality of the result of its implementation. We provide adequate cost of services and timely delivery under any conditions.

With us it is safe, simple and sincere

Our clients are always satisfied when they turn to us for professional help. This makes it worth the effort!

Excellent quality of services

Our cargo company provides high-class services, guaranteeing impeccable quality in every delivery. We understand the importance of your cargo and strive to ensure its safety and security at every stage of transportation.

Global coverage

Our cargo company offers a wide range of services and global cargo delivery coverage. Thanks to our deep knowledge in the field of logistics and supply chain management, we develop optimal routes and find the most effective solutions

Optimal geographic location

The city's location on the Silk Road opens up opportunities for goods trade from all over Central Asia, Russia, China and Europe. Almaty's location is optimal for sending goods around the world. It is located in the center of Europe and Asia, which means that it is close to many major population centers.

"The geographical location of the company allows us to ship cargo all over the world."

О компании Exim trans

Exim Trans was among the best enterprises of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan according to the National Business Rating and received awards "Leader of the Year 2013" "Leader of the Year 2017" and "Leader of the Year 2018". These awards and certificates confirm the financial and economic success of the company and its excellent business reputation. It should be noted that the National Business Rating in Kazakhstan is a member of the international Union of National Business Ratings, which has been operating for over 13 years and has offices in eight countries in Europe and Asia. The NBR award is a sign of reliability, stability and trust.

Partners from all over the world
Vehicles deliver cargo to our customers
Tons of cargo delivered in 2022
Tons of cargo stored in our warehouses

Company services


Road transportation

Road transportation of cargoes with full and partial loading. All types of cargo, including those requiring temperature control.


Air transportation

High delivery speed with regular flights. Extensive experience in the field of international air cargo transportation.

Железнодорожные перевозки

Railway transportation

Railway transportation of cargoes. A complete range of transportation and logistics services for both businesses and individuals. 

Таможенное оформление

Customs clearance

We deal with all types of cargo: dangerous, refrigerated, packaged, prefabricated, oversized, heavy, containerized.

Мультимодальные перевозки

Multimodal transportation

Regular foreign trade and short sea shipping. Dependable and safe vessels of various types, a full range of transportation and logistics services.

Складские услуги

Warehouse services

We provide possibilities to arrange cargo packaging of different types, taking into account cargo type and mode of transportation.


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Transportation and logistics company Exim Trans

The satisfaction and appreciation of the client is our greatest reward, says the CFO of Exim Trans LLP 


Kazakhstan, Almaty, Gogolya St., 73, office 1

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Алматы, ул.Гоголя 73, офис. 1

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