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Trust your cargo to professionals!

A reliable and individual approach to each client

The satisfaction and appreciation of the client is our greatest reward, says the General Director of Exim Trans LLP.

Джумалиев Абзал

Директор ТОО «Exim Trans»

Many years of experience

We not only guarantee the safety of the process and the excellent quality of the result of its implementation. We provide adequate cost of services and timely delivery under any conditions.

With us it is safe, simple and sincere

Our clients are always satisfied when they turn to us for professional help. This makes it worth the effort!

Джималиев Абзал

ТОО «Exim Trans»

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О компании Exim trans

Symbol of reliability and stability

Currently, Exim Trans LLP is involved in transportation and forwarding services. The company has been developing dynamically and consistently in the transportation and logistics services market since 2006. Extensive experience accumulated over the years, as well as a wide agency network allows the company to efficiently conduct transportation all over the world. A customized approach to each client, flexible pricing policy, and quality service are the main principles of work for Exim Trans LLP!

Leader of the Year

Exim Trans' excellent performance was marked by prestigious awards such as the Industry Leader medal and a certificate confirming the rating results. These honors are awarded to successful enterprises that earnestly pay taxes, develop the national economy, adhere to the principles of social responsibility before the public and form a positive image of their country. The rating leaders are companies that not only conduct business efficiently, but also take care of their employees, maintain an open dialog with partners and clients, introduce innovations, and keep up with the times.

"The satisfaction and appreciation of the client is our greatest reward," says the CEO of Exim LLP, "we put all our efforts for this purpose."

Exim Trans was among the best enterprises of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan according to the National Business Rating and received awards "Leader of the Year 2013" "Leader of the Year 2017" and "Leader of the Year 2018". These awards and certificates confirm the financial and economic success of the company and its excellent business reputation. It should be noted that the National Business Rating in Kazakhstan is a member of the international Union of National Business Ratings, which has been operating for over 13 years and has offices in eight countries in Europe and Asia. The NBR award is a sign of reliability, stability and trust.

The city's location on the Silk Road opens up opportunities for goods trade from all over Central Asia, Russia, China and Europe. Almaty's location is optimal for sending goods around the world. It is located in the center of Europe and Asia, which means that it is close to many major population centers.

"Almaty is the largest international trade center of Kazakhstan. The geographical location of the city allows you to ship cargo all over the world."

О компании Exim trans

Customer reviews

We have been using the services of the company annually. We were advised on all transportation issues. A reliable company, and the shipments arrive without delays.

I am very grateful to Exim for their customer care! The shipment to Moscow arrived on time, I have used Exim's services three times since 2020, and everything was supplied. I highly recommend this cooperation.

We are going to extend our service contract, as the company has proved to be the best and has justified our trust. Thank you for the high quality of services!

Exim often helps our company with fast cargo deliveries. The drivers are experienced, they know the terrain and the route well. My experience is most pleasant.

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+7 700 327 01 22

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