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Transportation and logistics company
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Prompt response to your request

Our experts will answer you within 30 minutes if you submit your request during business hours. The average response time is 15 minutes.


Compliance with deadlines

All agreed deadlines are strictly observed and monitored daily by our managers. You can always check the status of your cargo.


Advantageous terms

You will be impressed by our prices since working with us will get you first-party rates, with no markups and hidden commissions.


Our shipments are insured

No matter the volume or size, all of our shipments are insured. You don't have to worry about your shipment's safety and condition.


Shipment tracking

We monitor your shipment all along the way and send detailed statistics concerning its route.


Expert advice

Наши специалисты ответят вам в течении 30 минут при отправке заявки в рабочее время. Среднее время ответа на заявку составляет 15 минут.

Exim has established its own business strategy, gained many loyal customers and partners, and developed a base of reliable and trustworthy carriers over the years of productive work in the domestic and international freight transportation market. 

Точно в срок без переплат

Прозрачная ценовая политика

Гарантия сроков доставки по договору

Exim's excellent performance was marked by prestigious awards such as the Industry Leader medal and a certificate confirming the rating results. These honors are awarded to successful enterprises that earnestly pay taxes, develop the national economy, adhere to the principles of social responsibility before the public and form a positive image of their country. The rating leaders are companies that not only conduct business efficiently, but also take care of their employees.

Заметим, что Национальный бизнес-рейтинг в Казахстане входит в международный Союз Национальных бизнес-рейтингов, который работает уже более 13 лет и имеет представительства в восьми странах Европы и Азии. Награда НБР – знак надежности, стабильности и доверия.
As part of the "Rapid Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan" and "Business Roadmap 2022" state programs, our company is actively involved in the development and construction of logistics chains from supplier to buyer, including rail and road transportation.

"Customer satisfaction and gratitude are our main reward," he says general Director of "Exim" LLP – for this we are making all our efforts».

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We work with the largest airlines around the world

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перевозки груза

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Air transportation is a method of cargo delivery that has proven to be reliable and fast. Airplane transport is used when it is necessary to deliver cargo quickly and safely. Air delivery guarantees efficiency of order fulfillment and security of the contents, because outside factors are minimized in this way.

Our company has developed a standardized set of relevant services to ensure prompt delivery of cargo: 

Organizing air cargo transportation by the optimal route.

Developing the most profitable and convenient air transportation routes.

Formalizing all necessary documentation, and full control of cargo movement.

Providing proper cargo storage in the airport during the entire period.

Tracking the status of cargo delivery.

Selecting the best delivery route, and reserving seats for the selected flight.

Processing all necessary accompanying documents.

Drafting of the optimal route..

We have been using the services of the company annually. We were advised on all transportation issues. A reliable company, and the shipments arrive without delays.

I am very grateful to Exim for their customer care! The shipment to Moscow arrived on time, I have used Exim's services three times since 2020, and everything was supplied. I highly recommend this cooperation.

We are going to extend our service contract, as the company has proved to be the best and has justified our trust. Thank you for the high quality of services!

Exim often helps our company with fast cargo deliveries. The drivers are experienced, they know the terrain and the route well. My experience is most pleasant.

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