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Air cargo transportation

Our company has developed a standard set of relevant services to ensure prompt delivery of cargo:

Organizing air cargo transportation by the optimal route.

Developing the most profitable and convenient air transportation routes.

Formalizing all necessary documentation, and full control of cargo movement.

Providing proper cargo storage in the airport during the entire period.

Tracking the status of cargo delivery.

Air transportation is a method of cargo delivery that has proven to be reliable and fast. Airplane transport is used when it is necessary to deliver cargo quickly and safely. Air delivery guarantees efficiency of order fulfillment and security of the contents, because outside factors are minimized in this way.


Charter and scheduled flights

Cargo insurance at all stages

High speed of cargo delivery

Shipment location tracking

Full documentary support of cargo

Мультимодальные перевозки

Wide geography for cargo delivery

Exim Trans will become your reliable partner for storage and transportation of cargo in Kazakhstan and CIS. When transporting goods from Europe and back, we take into account all the specifics related to compliance with the permit system, registration of transportation and customs documents that ensure the procedure of cargo import. We carry out cargo transportation exactly on time, ensuring minimum transit time and maximum cargo safety. Our strong position in the market will help to ensure uninterrupted transportation. Our company has developed a standard set of relevant services to ensure prompt delivery of cargo. Each client of our transportation company has the opportunity to track the movement of cargo on the route or get the latest information from the manager on the phone. Our specialists can also help you to fill in shipping documents and, if necessary, to arrange cargo insurance for the period of transportation. 

We provide full customer support, including assistance in processing permits and customs documents, insurance and security. The company performs loading and unloading of dangerous goods at airports using specialized equipment. We are distinguished by the transparency of pricing and conditions of air cargo delivery services. The cost of transportation depends on the weight and dimensions of the cargo, terms, complexity of the route and many other factors.

  • Selecting the best delivery route, and reserving seats for the selected flight.
  • Processing all necessary accompanying documents.
  • Providing high speed transportation when speed is more important than the cost of the service;
  • We will provide the opportunity to overcome any geographical obstacles by transporting goods to the most remote and inaccessible areas of Kazakhstan and the world;
  • We guarantee minimal risks of product damage or loss;
  • We provide storage services
  • We will deliver by motor transport up to the airplane or address.